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Cat communication: What do all those different meows mean?

Cats have a variety of ways to let us know what they need (or want)!


Cats have a variety of ways to let us know what they need (or want)!

You know that thing you love?

Yeah, that one thing that you geek out over, and are generally enthusiastic about? You know how it makes you crazy when someone says it doesn’t matter and/or you’re stupid for thinking it’s important? Sucks, right? Well, guess what? There are people who love language. People who marvel at the beauty of words: how they evolved, what the origins are, how they combine to beautifully convey thoughts and ideas. These people have become known as ‘grammar nazis’ because of their desire to preserve that which they adore. They are looked down upon without remorse, because ‘common usage’. Those of us who find beauty in language, and put effort into being correct, do not apologize.

You know that thing you love?

Yeah, that thing you geek out about, and feel enthusiastic about? You know how it drives you crazy when someone

Feb 7

A lack of diversity means fewer ideas, perspectives and pushback that come with a varied and eclectic group of folks at the table.

- How The Meritocracy Myth Affects Women In Technology  (via npr)


30 Luscious Lemon Desserts

  1. Lemon Blueberry Ricotta Bread {Hungry Couple}
  2. Lemony Huckleberry Crumb Bars {Hungry Cravings}
  3. Pink Lemonade Lavender Thyme Sorbet {Boulder Locavore}
  4. Pomegranate with Lemon Cake {The Little Epicurean}
  5. Lemon Lush Dessert {Herb on Herbs}
  6. Fudgy Lemon Curd Brownies {Coffee & Quinoa}
  7. Meyer Lemon Fennel Pots de Creme {Little Accidents in the Kitchen}
  8. Lemon Blackberry Cream Puffs with Dairy-Free Pastry Cream {The Craving Chronicles}
  9. 7-Up Pound Cake with Lemon-Lime Glaze {Nancy Creative}
  10. Blackberry Lemonade Cupcakes {One Sweet Appetite}
  11. Lemon Curd Cookies {Pick Fresh Food}
  12. Pink Lemonade Cupcakes {A Night Owl}
  13. Lemon Blueberry Trifle {In the Kitchen}
  14. Blondies Lemon Brownies {Cookwizme}
  15. Lemon Pie S’mores {Pick Fresh Foods}
  16. Lemon Blueberry Cupcakes {The Cake Blog}
  17. Lemon Layer Cake {Crumbs and Cookies}
  18. Coconut Cake with Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting {The Cupcake Ballroom}
  19. Lemon Cream Filled Cupcakes {Mix it Up}
  20. Lemon and Lavender Mini Cupcakes {Movita Beaucoup}
  21. Intensely Lemon Cake with Strawberries {K&L Food Blog}
  22. Lemon Cake with Vanilla Whipped Cream {This Heart of Mine}
  23. Lemon Coconut Bars {Spiced Blog}
  24. Whole Lemon Pistachio Cake {Desserts with Benefits}
  25. Lemon Meringue Pie in a Jar (gluten & dairy free) {Eat Life Whole}
  26. Frozen Lemon Dessert {No Biggie}
  27. Glazed Lemondrop Cookies {Red Brolly}
  28. Easy Lemon Sorbet {Grandbaby Cakes}
  29. Sour Cream Lemon Pie {I Wash You Dry}
  30. Lemon Tart with Candied Lemons {You Are My Fave}


▲  A 100-second recording of the sound of the Big Bang, created by University of Washington physicist John Cramer.

Here’s What the Big Bang Sounded Like

In the beginning, there was a righteous bass.

So says physicist John Cramer, who has not only found evidence of the sound created during the Big Bang, but has also created a simulation of the low, deep noise emitted as the universe came into being.

After the Big Bang, the universe expanded so rapidly that matter itself resonated to create a deep bass noise, and sound waves themselves became stretched and warped. “As the early universe expanded, sound waves propagated through the dense medium that closed back on itself, so that the hypersphere of the universe rang like a bell,” Cramer, a professor of physics at the University of Washington, explained.

The effect would have been similar to that of a magnitude-9 earthquake that caused the entire planet to actually ring, Cramer said. However, in this case, the ringing covered the entire universe.

That sound is long gone, of course, but it left its imprint on the cosmic microwave background, which is a thermal echo of the energy released during the Big Bang.

In 2003, NASA’s Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) satellite gave scientists an unprecedented picture of the cosmic microwave background. In an article for science-fiction magazine Analog Science Fiction and Fact, Cramer wrote how this thermal data could be extrapolated into wavelengths of sound.

In other words, the universe’s cosmic microwave background is kind of like a recording of the Big Bang’s phat beat.

Two years after Cramer published his findings, the mother of an 11-year-old elementary school student wrote to Cramer, asking if there was an actual recording of the sound that her son could use for his school science-fair project. Cramer responded that there wasn’t — but there could be.

To recreate the Big Bang’s sound, Cramer converted WMAP’s wavelength data into sound using a computational program called Mathematica.

The resulting sound is low, creaky, and almost unassuming.

Recently, more precise data from the European Space Agency’s Planck telescope has allowed Cramer to create an even more accurate sound profile, which he has exported as audio files. The files are, of course, a simulation: the true sound is so deep that Cramer had to boost the frequency 100 septillion times to put it within the range of human hearing.

The sounds are available on Cramer’s website at the University of Washington. So remixers, have at it!

A Momentary Flow: Has Physics Made Philosophy and Religion Obsolete?


See on Scoop.it - Philosophy everywhere everywhen

“I think at some point you need to provoke people. Science is meant to make people uncomfortable.


It is hard to know how our future descendants will regard the little sliver of history that we live in. It is hard to know what events…


Crunchy Parmesan Sugar Snap Peas: These panko bread crumb and Parmesan covered snap peas make a delicious springtime snack. 


Crunchy Parmesan Sugar Snap PeasThese panko bread crumb and Parmesan covered snap peas make a delicious springtime snack. 

Apr 2

C-3PO’s Head Sculpted From Computer Components


C-3PO’s Head Sculpted From Computer Components


If you’re offended, Rep. Stockman suggests you tweet at his flak.

What a complete moron! Check his account, it’s full of his ‘wisdom’.


If you’re offended, Rep. Stockman suggests you tweet at his flak.

What a complete moron! Check his account, it’s full of his ‘wisdom’.